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A fiery blend of seven raw, organic ingredients – turmeric, ginger, chilli, garlic, onion and horseradish, all infused (steeped) for 12 weeks in Apple Cider Vinegar.


The UK's first specialist retailer for plant-based fitness and nutrition products - all vegan, palm-oil free and GMO free.

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Barrowhill Hall, Rocester

Ashbrook Court, Epping  

The Lodge, Yorkshire 

Longmead Court, Essex

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A business network for diverse female founders, freelancers, creators and aspiring entrepreneurs.

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"Mel made my life so much easier during the time we worked together! She goes above and beyond to get the job done, she was extremely professional and proactive and she kept me informed with regular updates. I would 100% recommend working with her and I can't wait to work with her again!"

- Jasmine Douglas, Founder of Babes on Waves

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